Captain Patch and his crew have agreed to take Professor Rocky Feller to the continent of Africa to search for King Solomon’s throne. They all travel by elephant to Mount Kilimanjaro where the Professor’s map leads them to the throne. But all is not as it appears as Rocky Feller’s true motives come to the surface. Can riches, fame, and treasure bring lasting happiness? Come along on this brand new adventure and meet Bootstrap Ben who helps remind us that gaining godly wisdom from the book of Proverbs is a treasure far greater than gold.

Kilimanjaro, Part 4, October 7

Kilimanjaro, Part 4

Kilimanjaro, Part 3, September 30

Kilimanjaro, Part 3

Kilimanjaro, Part 2, September 23

Kilimanjaro, Part 2

Kilimanjaro, Part 1, September 16

Kilimanjaro, Part 1