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Click on the state categorires below to get a listing of radio stations and networks that broadcast the Adventures of Patch the Pirate. The Adventures of Patch the Pirate are heard on over 450 stations throughout the United States and internationally. As the compilation of these stations is an ongoing process, the lists below are not exhaustive.

Radio Stateion

InternationalRADIO CCFM 104 / 96.7 FMFishhoek 7974, So. Africa,
InternationalV7AA FMMajuro,MAJURO
InternationalCARIBBEAN RADIO LIGHTHOUSEWest Indies,6:30 PMSunday
InternationalV6AFPohnpei, FM3:45 PMTuesday
InternationalKTWG 800 AMAsan, GU
InternationalKHMG 88.1 FMBarrigoda, GU8:30 AMSaturday
InternationalV7AA FMMajuro, MH3:40 PMMonday
InternationalKSAI – FAMILY RADIOSaipan, MP8:30 AMSaturday
InternationalVSB 1280 AMWarwick, BermudaSaturday
InternationalSUNNY 88.7 FMAccra, Ghana, West Africa12:30 PMSunday
InternationalCVI / 4965kHz & 9865 kHzCentral & South Africa1:00 PMSunday | Saturday
International88.1 FMGhana, South Africa1:00 PMSunday | Saturday
International104.4 FMKenya, South Africa1:00 PMSunday | Saturday
International98.7 FMCongo, South Africa1:00 PMSunday | Saturday
International94.7 FMMalawi, South Africa1:00 PMSunday | Saturday
International1190 AMEastern Puerto RicoSaturday
International1060 AMSouthern Puerto RicoSaturday
International1370 AMLesser Antilles, Puerto RicoSaturday
InternationalV6BC FMChuuk8:00 am | 4:00 pmTuesdays
AlabamaWYFK 101.7 FMAnniston, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWGIB 92.0 FMBirmingham, A11:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWBFR 89.5 FMBirmingham, AL8:30 AM ESTSaturday
AlabamaWALN 89.3 FMCarrollton, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWGTF 89.5 FMDothan, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWYFD 103.9 FMFlorence, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWYAM 890 AMHartselle/Decatur, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWYFD 91.7 FMHuntsville, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWBFR 104.1 FMMountain Brook, AL8:30 AM ESTSaturday
AlabamaKEAR 90.3 FMNotasulga – Auburn, AL8:30 AM ESTSaturday
AlabamaWTBJ 91.3 FMOxford, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWTBB 89.9 FMOxford, AL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWAQG 91.7 FMOzark, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWAQU 91.1 FMSelma, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWAKD 89.9 FMSheffield, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlabamaWAXU 91.1 FMTroy, AL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
AlaskaKYKD 100.1 FMBethel, AK4:00 PM AKMonday
AlaskaKRSA 94.9 FM, 580 AMPetersburg, AK9:30 AM AKSaturday
ArizonaAFR 89.1 FMFredonia, AZ6:00 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaAFR 90.3 FMHolbrook, AZ6:00 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaKLFR 90.3 FM (SCA)Phoenix, AZ1:15 PM MSTMonday
ArizonaKPHF 88.3 FMPhoenix, AZ9:30 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaKEAR 88.9 FMPhoenix, AZ9:30 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaKEAR 88.1 FMPrescott, AZ8:30 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaBBN 91.5 FMSpringerville, AZ7:45 AM MSTSaturday
ArizonaAFR 91.3 FMWinslow, AZ6:00 AM MSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 91.9 FMArkadelphia, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 88.1 FMBentonville, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKBCM 88.3 FMBlytheville, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 89.9 FMClarksville, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 91.7 FMCrossett, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKBDO 91.7 FMDes Arc, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKBNV 90.1 FMFayetteville, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKARH 88.1 FMForrest City, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasBBN 89.7 FMFt. Smith, AR8:45 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKAOW 88.9 FMFort Smith, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKAOG 90.5 FMJonesboro, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKEAR 88.3 FMJonesboro, AR8:30 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 88.1 FMPiggott, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 91.1 FMPocahontas, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 88.9 FMPrescott, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasKANX 91.1 FMSheridan, AR7:00 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasBBN 88.5 FMSpringdale, AR8:45 AM CSTSaturday
ArkansasAFR 91.3 FMWarren, AR6:00 AM MSTSaturday
CaliforniaKNDL 89.9 FM (SCA)Angwin, CA12:15 PM PSTMonday
CaliforniaKFRB 9103 FMBakersfield, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 91.3 FMBanning, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKIBC 90.5 FMBurney, CA9:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEFR 91.9 FMCaliente – Delano, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKHAP 89.1 FMChico, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKBRT 740 AMCosta Mesa, CA10:15 AM M-FMonday
CaliforniaKECR 910 AMEl Cajon, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 91.7 FMFairmont – Mojave, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 91.9 FMFort Bragg, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKFNO 90.3 FMFresno, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 101.9 FMGrover Beach, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEFR 88.5 FMHelm – Riverdale, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 88.9 FMLa Quinta, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 92.5 FMLake Tahoe, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 96.1 FMLaytonville, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEFR 89.9 FMLe Grand, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKFRN 1280 AMLong Beach, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 101.5 FMPalm Springs, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 106.9 FMPaso Robles, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 88.9 FMPearland – Lancaster, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 91.9 FMPorterville, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKNLF 95.9 FMQuincy, CA5:00 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKHAP 101.5 FMRedding, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 90.5 FMRichvale, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEBR 1210 AMSacramento, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEBR 89.3 FMSacramento, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEDR 88.1 FMSacramento, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 95.5 FMSalida, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKLFE 1240 AMSan Bernardino, CA6:00 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKEAR 89.7 FMSan Luis Obispo, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaRADIO – HSan Ysidro, CAINTERNET
CaliforniaKEAR 88.7 FMSmith River, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
CaliforniaKPRA 89.5 FMUkiah, CA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
ColoradoKTLF 90.5 FMColorado Springs, CO1:15 PM MSTMonday
ColoradoKQXI 1550 AMEnglewood, CO5:45 PM MSTSaturday
ColoradoKEAR 90.7 FMGrand Junction, CO9:30 AM MSTSaturday
ColoradoKEAR 88.1 FMPueblo, CO9:30 AM MSTSaturday
ColoradoAFR 91.7 FMTrinidad, CO6:00 AM MSTSaturday
ConnecticutWIHS 104.9 FMMiddletown, CT8:30 AM ESTSaturday
ConnecticutWCTF 1170 AMVernon, CT9:30 AM ESTSaturday
DelawareBBN 91.7 FMLewes, DE9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWSOR 90.9 FM (SCA)Fort Myers, FL3:15 PM ESTMonday
FloridaWTMN 1430 AMGainsville, FL8:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWAYR 550 AMGreer Cove Springs, FL8:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWLVF 90.3 FMHaines City, FL2:00 PM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFE 88.9 FMHudson *, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWJBC 91.7 FMJacksonville, FL8:00 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWJFR 88.7 FMJacksonville, FL9:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFB 90.5 FMKeystone Heights, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFO 91.9 FMLakeland, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFE 99.3 FMLeesburg, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFB 99.3 FMOcala, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaHRGS 1290AMOdessa, FL8:15 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWWFR 91.7 FMOkeechobee, FL9:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWTGF 90.5 FMPace, FL11:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFB 97.3 FMPalm Coast, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWJTF 89.9 FMPanama City, FL10:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWYFO 89.3 FMSebring, FL9:45 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWFTI 91.7 FMSt. Petersburg, FL9:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaTVEH 94.7 (95 FM)W. Palm Beach, FL4:15PM EST | 7:15 AM ESTFriday | Saturday
FloridaWWFR 100.3 FMWest Palm Beach, FL9:30 AM ESTSaturday
FloridaWNLE 91.7 FMYulee, FL9:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFK 102.5 FMAlbany, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaKEAR 89.1 FMAlbany, GA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaAFR 90.3 FMAmericus, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWFAM 1050 FMAugusta, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWLPE 91.7 FMAugusta, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFS 104.9 FMBrunswick, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWJFR 93.7 FMBrunswick, GA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFK 89.5 FMCataula, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWFRC 90.5 FMColumbus, GA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaAFR 90.3 FMCordele, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaAFR 89.3 FMCuthbert, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWDPC 1500 AM ESTDallas, GA8:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWGNP 90.7 FMDawson, GA11:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWWGF 107.5 FMDonalsonville – Bainbrg, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWDCY 1520 AMDouglasville, GA10:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWAWH 88.3 FMDublin, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWJTG 91.3 FMFort Valley, GA10:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFK 107.9 FMGainesville, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFK 105.9 FMGriffin, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWMVV 90.7 FMGriffing, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWLPT 88.3 FMJesup – Brunswick, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaKEAR 91.9 FMLa Grange, GA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFK 104.3 FMMacon, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYISMc Rae, GA8:05 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWLPE 92.5 FMMillen, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWLPF 98.5 FMOcilla – Tifton, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWRBX 104.1 FMReidsville, GA8:30 AM EST | 7:05 PM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWZIQ 106.5 FMSmithville – Albany – Amer., GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWAFT 101.0 FMValdosta, GA10:30 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWGPH 91.5 FMVidalia – Lyons, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWLPE 94.7 FMWashington, GA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFA 107.1 FMWaynesboro, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFS 89.5 FMWentworth *, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
GeorgiaWYFW 89.5 FMWinder, GA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
IdahoKSPD 790 AMBoise, ID8:00 PM MSTSaturday
IdahoKBXL 94.1FMBoise, ID4:00 PM MSTSaturday
IllinoisBBN 89.1 FMCarlinville, IL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisKVCX 90.5 FMCharleston, IL3:15 PM CSTSunday
IllinoisAFR 91.3 FMEffingham, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisAFR 88.5 FMFlora, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWAXR 88.1 FMGeneseo, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisBBN 88.1 FMJacksonville, IL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWAWF 88.3 FMKankakee, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWAWJ 90.1 FMMarion, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWGGH 1150 AMMarion, IL8:15 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisKXEN 1010 AMMitchell, IL8:15 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWAPO 90.1 FMMt. Vernon, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisWPTH 88.1 FMOlney, IL3:15 PM CSTSunday
IllinoisWWGN 88.9 FMOttowa, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisBBN 88.1 FMPontiac, IL8:45 CSTSaturday
IllinoisWFEN 88.3 FM (SCA)Rockford, IL2:15 PM CSTMonday
IllinoisWJCH 94.5 FMRockford, IL8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisAFR 91.3 FMSalem, IL7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisBBN 88.9 FMSalem, IL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IllinoisBBN 88.9 FMTaylorville, IL8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IndianaBBN 88.9 FMBedford, IN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWFRN 104.7 FM (SCA)Elkhart, IN3:15 PMMonday
IndianaBBN 89.7 FMJasper, IN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWZCC 1570 AM WBULJeffersonville, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWAUZ 89.1 FMGreensburg, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWFRR 93.7 FM (SCA)Kokomo, IN3:15 PM ESTMonday
IndianaWJCH 106.9 FMLa Porte, IN9:30 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWBRO 89.9 FMMarengo, IN11:30 AM ESTSunday
IndianaAFR 88.5 FMMichigan City, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaAFR 88.5 FMMichigan City, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWGAB 1180 AMNewburgh, IN10:00:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWSLM 97.9 FM / AMSalem, IN3:15PM ESTWednesday
IndianaWAPC 91.9 FMTerre Haute, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaBBN 88.1 FMVincennes, IN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaWATI 89.9 FMVincennes, IN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
IndianaBBN 90.1 FMWashington, IN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
IowaKEAR 89.7 FMAmana, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKDFR 89.1 FMAmes, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKFGQ 99.3 FM / 1260 AMBoone, IA8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKAYP 89.9 FMBurlington, IA7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKEAR 95.1 FMCedar Rapids, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaAFR 90.9 FMCreston, IA7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKDFR 91.3 FMDes Moines, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaAFR 88.7 FMFairfield, IA7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKEAR 89.1 FMFort Dodge, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaBBN 88.9 FMMarshalltown, IA8:45 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKBDC 88.5 FMMason City, IA7:00 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKEAR 88.9 FMOttumwa, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKYFR 920 AMShenandoah, IA8:30 AM CSTSaturday
IowaKAYA 91.3 FMSioux City, IA7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKAXR 91.3 FMArkansas City, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 89.7 FMArkansas City, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 91.3 FMBeloit, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKGCR 107.7 FMBrewster, KS10:15 AM CSTSaturday
KansasBBN 89.7 FMEmporia, KS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 88.7 FMEnterprise, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKVCY 104.7 FMFort Scott, KS3:15PM CSTSunday
KansasKBDA 89.7 FMGreat Bend, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 89.7 FMHays, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKYFW 99.5 FMHutchinson, KS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKARF 91.9 FMIndependence, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 91.7 FMMarysville, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKYFW 88.7 FMMc Pherson, KS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 91.5 FMNorton, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasAFR 91.3 FMOberlin, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKRBW 90.5 FMOttawa, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKAKA 88.5 FMSalina, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKCVS 90.7 FMSalina, KS3:15 PM CSTSunday
KansasKBDD 91.9 FMWinfield, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KansasKYFW 88.3 FMWitchita, KS8:45AM CSTSaturday
KansasKBUZ 90.3 FMTopeka, KS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
KentuckyAFR 91.1 FMAshland, KY8:00 AM ESTSaturday
KentuckyWAPD 91.7 FMCampbellsville, KY8:00 AM ESTSaturday
KentuckyWMTA 1380 AMCentral City, KY8:00 AM ESTSaturday
KentuckyBBN 88.3 FMFrankfort, KY9:45 ESTSaturday
KentuckyBBN 88.1 FMHopkinsville, KY8:45 AM CSTSaturday
KentuckyWSOF 89.9 FMMadisonville, KY9:00 AM CSTSaturday
KentuckyWAXG 88.1 FMMt. Sterling, KY8:00 AM ESTSaturday
KentuckyWCYN 102.3 FM / 1400 AMParis, KY4:15 PM ESTSunday
KentuckyWTHL 90.5 FMSomerset, KY9:45 AM ESTSaturday
MaineWMDR 89 FMAugusta, ME8:00 AM ESTMonday
MaineWMDR 89 FMAugusta, ME10:30 AM ESTThursday
MaineWMDR 89 FMAugusta, ME1:30 PM ESTSaturday
MaineWWWA 95.3 FMAugusta, ME8:00 AM ESTSaturday
MaineWYFP 91.9 FMBrunswick, ME9:45 AM ESTSaturday
MarylandWFSI 107.9 FMAnnapolis, MD9:30 AM ESTSaturday
MarylandWJTM 88.1 FMBraddock Heights, MD11:00 AM ESTSaturday
MarylandWOEL 89.9 FMElkton, MD8:00 AM ESTSaturday
MarylandWFSI 93.5 FMFrederick –Middletown, MD9:30 AM ESTSaturday
MarylandWCRH 90.5 FM (SCA)Williamsport, MD3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganWVCN 104.3 FMBaraga, MI4:15 PM ESTSunday
MichiganWOLW 91.1 FM (SCA)Cadillac, MI3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganWPHN 90.5 FM (SCA)Gaylord, MI3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganCSNGrand Rapids, MI2:00 PM ESTSaturday
MichiganWCSG 91.3 FM (SCA)Grand Rapids, MI3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganVCY 88.1 FMIronwood, MI3:15 PM ESTSunday
MichiganWUGN 99.7 FM (SCA)Midland, MI3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganWPCJ 91.1 FMPittsford, MI9:30 AM ESTSaturday
MichiganWLJN 89.9 FM (SCA)Traverse City, MI3:15 PM ESTMonday
MichiganWVCM 91.5 FM (SCA)Iron Mountain, MI3:15 PM ESTSunday
MinnesotaKITN 93.5 FMAdrian, MN7:00 AM CSTSunday
MinnesotaKEAR 88.5 FMDuluth, MN8:30 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaAFR 89.7 FMMontevideo, MN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaKTIG 100.0 FMPequot Lakes, MN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaWCTS 1030 AMPlymouth, MN9:15 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaAFR 90.9 FMWindom, MN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaAFR 88.1 FMWorthington, MN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MinnesotaWQRN 88.9 FMCook, MN3:15 PM ESTSunday
MississippiAFR 96.9 FMAckerman, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiBBN 88.1 FMBiloxi, MS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiAFR 90.5 FMBrookhaven, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWDFX 98.3 FMCleveland, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiAFR 90.9 FMColumbia, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAUM 91.9 FMDuck Hill, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWQST 92.5 FMForest, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAOY 91.7 FMGulfport, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAII 89.3 FMHattiesburg, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWJTA 91.7 FMKoscuisko, MS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWATP 90.7 FMLaurel, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiBBN 90.9 FMLaurel, MS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAQL 90.5 FMMc Comb, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAPF 980 AMMc Comb, MS10:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiKEAR 89.7 FMMeridian, MS8:30 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWASM 91.1 FMNatchez, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiBBN 91.9 FMNatchez, MS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiAFR 101.3 FMOxford, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiKEAR 88.9 FMPascagoula, MS8:30 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWATU 89.3 FMPort Gibson, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWJZB 88.9 FMStarkville, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAFR 88.3 FMTupelo, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiWAQB 91.7 FMTupelo, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiKYFL 105.5 FMVicksburg, MS8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MississippiAFR 96.9 FMWest Point, MS7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriREJOICE RADIO 89.9 FMArnold / St. Louis Area, MO8:30 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriAFR 91.5 FMBrookfield, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriAFR 89.9 FMCabol, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriWRVX 91.7 FMCameron, MO3:15 PM CSTSunday
MissouriKTBJ 89.3 FMFestus, MO10:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriKAUF 89.9 FMKennett, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriAFR 91.5 FMMemphis, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriKJAB 88.3 FMMexico, MO8:45 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriKele 1360 AMMountain Grove, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriAFR 91.9 FMPark Hills, MO7:00 AM CSTSaturday
MissouriBBN 88.7 FMPoplar Bluff, MO8:45AM CSTSaturday
MissouriKVCY 106.3 FMJoplin, MO3:15 AM ESTSunday
MontanaKEAR 99.7 FMBillings, MT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
MontanaKEAR 89.9 FMButte, MT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
MontanaKEAR 91.3 FMGreat Falls, MT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
MontanaKEAR 102.3 FMGreat Falls, MT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
MontanaKEAR 88.9 FMShepherd, MT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
NebraskaAFR 89.3 FMChadron, NE6:00 AM MSTSaturday
NevadaBBN 91.9 FMGrand Island, NE8:45 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaKEAR 90.1 FMGrand Island, NE8:30 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaAFR 91.7 FMHastings, NE7:00 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaKAYA 91.3 FMHubbard, NE7:00 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaBBN 89.7 FMKearney, NE8:45 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaKNGN 1360 AMMc Cook, NE7:45 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaKGBI 100.7 FM (SCA)Omaha, NE2:15 PM CSTMonday
NevadaKCMI 96.9 FMScottsbluff, NE6:45 AM MSTSaturday
NevadaBBN 89.5 FMScottsbluff, NE7:45 AM MSTSaturday
NevadaAFR 89.3 FMValentine, NE7:00 AM CSTSaturday
NevadaKEAR 89.1 FMCarson City, NV8:30 AM PSTSaturday
NevadaKEAR 98.7 FMReno, NV8:30 AM PSTSaturday
New HampshireWLMW 90.7 FMManchester, NH8:00 AM ESTSaturday
New JerseyWDFG 1630 AMBarrington, NJ8:30 AM ESTSaturday
WKDN 106.9 FMCamden, NJ9:30 AM ESTSaturday
WFME 94.7 FMNewark, NJ9:30 AM ESTSaturday
WKDN 89.3 FMBrigantine – Atlantic City,9:30 AM ESTSaturday
New MexicoKEAR 90.5 FMAlbuquerque, NM9:30 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoKAMQ 1240 AMCarisbad, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoAFR 91.3 FMClayton, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoKAQF 91.1 FMClovis, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoBBN 90.3 FMClovis, NM7:45 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoKPCL 95.7 FM (SCA)Farmington, NM1:15 PM MST | 8:15 PM MST | 12:00 PM MSTMonday | Wednesday | Saturday
New MexicoAFR 91.5 FMHobbs, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoAFR 90.3 FMLas Vegas, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New MexicoAFR 90.1 FMRaton, NM6:00 AM MSTSaturday
New YorkWFRH 105.3 FMAlbany, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaAFR 89.5 FMBatavia, NY8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFBF 89.9 FMBuffalo, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaTOTALLY GOSPEL RADIOBuffalo, NY4:45 PM ESTMonday
North CarolinaWFRH 104.9 FMCatskill – Hudson- Ravena, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRH 90.7 FMCatskill – Jefferson Hts., NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRH 104.3 FMEast Windham, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaBBN 88.9 FMJamestown, NY9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRH 91.7 FMKingston, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaKEAR 90.5 FMNewburgh, NY9:30AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFSO 88.3 FMOlivebridge, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFME 90.5 FMPoughkeepsie – Hyde Pk, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRH 105.7 FMRhinebeck, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaBBN 90.7 FMSchroon Lake, NY9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRS 88.9 FMSmithtown, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaMARS HILL NETWORKSyracuse, NY10:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaBBN 90.1 FMWatertown, NY9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWFRW 88.1 FMWebster, NY9:30 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWJIV 101.9 FMCherry Valley, NY10:15 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaAFR 91.9 FMAhoskie, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWSKY 1230 AMAsheville, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaAFR 88.5 FMBeaufort, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaBBN HEADQUARTERSCharlotte, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFG 93.9 FMCharlotte, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWHPY 1590 AMClayton, NC10:35 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFL 105.5 FMGoldsboro, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFL 105.3 FMGreenville, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWLGP 100.3 FMHarkers Is. –Jacksonville, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFL 92.5 FMHenderson, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWHPE 95.5 FMHigh Point, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFL 95.9 FMKinston, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaBBN 91.7 FMManteo, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWLPG 102.9 FMMaxton, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFQ 930 AMMonroe, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFQ 93.5 FMMonroe, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaAFR 90.3 FMMt. Airy, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWAAE 91.9 FMNew Bern, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWOTJ / FBNNewport, NC10:35 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaAFR 88.7 FMSanford, NC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWYFQ 105.9 FMSouthern Pines, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWHPE 91.7 FMStatesville, NC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
North CarolinaWLLY 1350 AMWilson, NC11:00 AM ESTSaturday
North DakotaBBN 88.5 FMBismarck, ND8:45 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaKEAR 91.7 FMBismarck, ND8:30 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaAFR 89.9 FMDevil’s Lake, ND7:00 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaAFR 91.1 FMHarvey, ND7:00 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaAFR 90.7 FMJamestown, ND7:00 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaAFR 89.1 FMWatford City, ND7:00 AM CSTSaturday
North DakotaAFR 91.7 FMWilliston, ND7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OhioBBN 89.9 FMAshland, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWCVV 89.5 FMBelpre, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioBBN 88.1 FMCambridge, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWAKW 93.3 FM (SCA)Cincinnati, OH3:15 PM ESTMonday
OhioWGOJ 105.5 FMConneaut, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWGOJ 105.5 FMConneaut, OH8:45 AM | 6:30 PMSaturday
OhioWCUE 1150 AMCuyahoga Falls, OH9:30AM ESTSaturday
OhioWCVJ 90.9 FMJefferson, OH9:00 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWFCO 90.9 FMLancaster, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioAFR 91.1 FMMartin’s Ferry, OH7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OhioWCVV 103.9 FMMc Connellsville, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWCVO 105 FMNew Albany, OH8:00 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWGOJ 94.3 FMNiles, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioBBN 88.3 FMSandusky, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWAUI 88.3 FMShelby, OH8:00 AM ESTSaturday
OhioAFR 88.9 FMSteubenville, OH7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OhioWOTL 90.3 FMToledo, OH9:30 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWANR 1570 AMWarren, OH8:00 AM ESTSaturday
OhioBBN 91.9 FMWooster, OH9:45 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWYTN 91.7 FMYoungstown, OH9:30 AM ESTSaturday
OhioWJIC 91.7 FMZanesville, OH3:15 PM ESTSunday
OhioWJIC 94.5 FMCambridge, OH3:15 PM ESTSunday
OklahomaAFR 88.7 FMAda, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFR 91.9 FMArdmore, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFR 91.7 FMAtoka, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaKAYC 91.1 FMDurant, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFR 91.9 FMElk City, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaBBN 90.3 FMEnid, OK8:45 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaKEAR 88.3 FMEnid , OK8:30 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFR 91.9 FMIdabel, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFAR 89.3 FMNorman, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaKYFW 103.5 FMPonca, OK8:45 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaKARG 91.7 FMPoteau, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaAFR 89.7 FMStillwater, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OklahomaKAYM 90.5 FMWeatherford, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 88.7 FMAda, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 91.9 FMArdmore, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 91.7 FMAtoka, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonKAYC 91.1 FMDurant, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 91.9 FMElk City, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonBBN 90.3 FMEnid, OK8:45 AM CSTSaturday
OregonKEAR 88.3 FMEnid , OK8:30 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 91.9 FMIdabel, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFAR 89.3 FMNorman, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonKYFW 103.5 FMPonca, OK8:45 AM CSTSaturday
OregonKARG 91.7 FMPoteau, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonAFR 89.7 FMStillwater, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
OregonKAYM 90.5 FMWeatherford, OK7:00 AM CSTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWFRJ 90.7 FMAltoona – Bedford, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWFBM 90.5 FMBeaver Springs & Richfield, PA10:00 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaKEAR 88.7 FMBellefonte, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 90.3 FMBerwick, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWBYN 107.5 FM (SCA)Boyertown, PA3:15 PM ESTMonday
PennsylvaniaWPGM 96.7 FM/ 1570 AMDanville, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWBGM 96.7 FMDanville, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWDBA 107.3 FMDu Bois, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 97.3 FMEast Stroudsburg, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 88.7 FMEmmaus – Allentown, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaBBN 98.7 FMErie, PA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWEFR 88.1 FMErie, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWAWN 89.5 FMFranklin, PA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 89.3 FMFreeland – Hazleton, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 101.7 FMHarrisburg – Carlisle, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaBBN 91.1 FMJohnstown, PA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWFRJ 88.9 FMJohnstown, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 97.7 FMLebanon – Lancaster, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWYFU 88.5 FMMasontown, PA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWPEL 96.5 FM / 1250 AMMontrose, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaKEAR 90.9 FMMuncy – Williamsport, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaKEAR 89.5 FMNanticoke / Wilkes – Barre, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 105.9 FMPalmerton, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 89.3 FMReading, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaKEAR 103.9 FMScranton, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWFBV 90.1 FMSelinsgrove & Sunbury, PA10:00 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 88.9 FMStroudsburg, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWBMR 91.7 FMTelford, PA4:15 PM ESTSunday
PennsylvaniaWFRJ 97.7 FMWest View / Pittsburgh, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWKDN 88.7 FMYork, PA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
PennsylvaniaWTMV 88.5 FMYoungsville, PA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaBBN 91.3 FMAnderson, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFV 88.7 FMCayce, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWFCH 88.5 FMCharleston, SC9:30 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaKYFV 95.9 FMColumbia, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFG 91.1 FMCowpens, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWLPG 91.7 FMFlorence – Darlington, SC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWTBI 91.7 FM / 1540 AMGreenville, SC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFG 102.7 FMGreenwood, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFV 92.3 FMIrmo, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFG 105.9 FMLaurens, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFV 92.1 FMLugoff, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWLPG 96.7 FMMyrtle Beach, SC8:00 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWFCH 95.9 FMMyrtle Beach, SC9:30 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWYFV 96.5 FMOrangeburg, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South CarolinaWSSB 90.3 FMOrangeburg, SC10:30 AM ESTSunday
South CarolinaWYFH 90.7 FMSummerville, SC9:45 AM ESTSaturday
South DakotaAFR 90.1 FMAberdeen, SD7:00 AM CSTSaturday
South DakotaK205FL 88.9 FMBrookings, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaKVCX 101.5 FMGregory, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaKVCH 88.7 FMHuron, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaWVCY 99.5 FMMitchell, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaKVCX 99.5 FMMitchell, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaKVCX 104.9 FMMurdo, SD3:15 PM CSTSunday
South DakotaKEAR 90.3 FMRapid City, SD9:30 AM MSTSaturday
South DakotaAFR 90.1 FMSpearfish, SD6:00 AM MSTSaturday
South DakotaKVCF 90.5 FMFreeman, SD3:15 PM ESTSunday
South DakotaKVFL 89.1 FMPierre, SD3:15 PM ESTSunday
TennesseeWBCR 1470 AMAlcoa, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeAFR 90.5 FMBristol, TN8:00 AM ESTSaturday
TennesseeWHCB 91.5 FMBristol, TN12:45 PM ESTSaturday
TennesseeWLMR 1450 AMChattanooga, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWDYN 94.9 FM/980 AMChattanooga, TN11:15 AM ESTSaturday
TennesseeWMRB 910 AMColumbia, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeBBN 91.3 FMColumbia, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWWOG 90.9 FMCookeville, TN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
TennesseeBBN 88.3 FMDyersburg, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWAUO 90.7 FMHohenwald, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWAMP 88.1 FMJackson, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWAWI 89.7 FMLawrenceburg, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeBBN 88.3 FMLawrenceburg, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWYFN 980 AMMadison, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeAFR 99.1 FMMilan, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWYFC 104.7 FMMorristown, TN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
TennesseeWYFC 95.3 FMPowell, TN9:45 AM ESTSaturday
TennesseeWAUV 89.7 FMRipley, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWAZD 88.1 FMSavannah, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWBIA 88.3 FMShelbyville, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeAFR 90.1 FMSpencer, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWAUT 88.5 FMTullahoma, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeBBN 91.5 FMTullahoma, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeAFR 89.9 FMWaynesboro, TN7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TennesseeWYFD 95.7 FMWinchester, TN8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKAQD 91.3 FMAbilene, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 90.9 FMAlpine, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKJIC 90.5 FM (SCA)Alvin, TX2:15 PM CSTMonday
TexasKAVW 90.7 FMAmarillo, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKYFA 91.9 FMAmarillo, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 88.1 FMAthens, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKTXB 89.7 FMBeaumont, TX8:30 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKBCX 91.5 FMBig Spring, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.1 FMBonham, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKAVO 91.5 FMBorger, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 90.7 FMBreckenridge, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 90.7 FMBrownfield, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKAXF 88.3 FMConroe, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKEAR 88.1 FMCorpus Christi, TX8:30 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.9 FMCrocket, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKVTT 91.7 FM (SCA)Dallas, TX2:15 PM CSTMonday
TexasKEGG 91.1 FMDaingerfield, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.7 FMDalhart, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 89.9 FMDel Rio, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.7 FMDumas, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKEAR 91.7 FMEl Paso, TX8:30 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKEAR 91.1 FMGalveston, TX8:30 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKANJ 91.5 FMGiddings, TX10:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 91.3 FMGreenville, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 90.7 FMHereford, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 91.5 FMHuntsville, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.5 FMKermit, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.3 FMLamesa, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.9 FMLevelland, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 88.5 FMLockhart, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKYFT 90.9 FMLubbock, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 88.1 FMLufkin, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasSunny 88.7 FMMcKinney, TX1:00 PM GMTSaturday
TexasKVMV 96.9 FM (SCA)Mc Allen, TX2:15 PM CSTMonday
TexasAFR 89.5 FMMidland, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKCAS 91.5 FMMission, TX9:15 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.1 FMMorton, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 88.3 FMPalestine, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKAXH 90.9 FMPampa, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 91.3 FMParis, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.3 FMPecos, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKBAH 90.5 FMPlainview, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKYFT 89.7 FMPlainview, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKEAR 88.7 FMPlainview, TX8:30 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKYFS 90.9 FMSelma *, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasBBN 90.7 FMSherman, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 90.5 FMStephenville, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKBDE 89.9 FMTemple, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 89.9 FMVan Horn, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKY FV 1410 AMVictoria, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKYFV 1410 AMVictoria, TX8:45 AM CSTSaturday
TexasAFR 91.7 FMWellington, TX7:00 AM CSTSaturday
TexasKTEO 90.5 FMWichita Falls, TX2:15 PM CSTMonday
TexasKCHG 810 AMSan Antonio, TX7:30 AM CSTSunday
UtahKYFO 1490 AMOgden, UT7:45 AM MSTSaturday
UtahKYFO 95.5 FMOgden, UT7:45 AM MSTSaturday
UtahKUFR 91.9 FMOgden, UT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
UtahKEYY 1450 AMProvo, UT8:26 PM MSTSaturday
UtahKUFR 91.7 FMSalt Lake City, UT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
UtahKYFO 92.7 FMSalt Lake City/Centerville, UT7:45 AM MSTSaturday
UtahAFR 88.7 FMSt. George, UT6:00 AM MSTSaturday
UtahKUFR 102.3 FMTooele, UT9:30 AM MSTSaturday
VermontKEAR 90.9 FMBurlington, VT9:30 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFJ 100.1 FMAshland, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 107.1 FMBassett Forks, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 100.1 FMBlacksburg, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaAFR 90.5 FMBristol, VA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWAUQ 89.7 FMCharles City, VA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFJ 95.9 FMCharlottesville, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFI 99.7 FMChesapeake, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWPMH 1010AMChesapeake, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 100.1 FMChristiansburg, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWARN 91.5 FMCulpeper, VA8:00 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 92.7 FMDanville, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 100.1 FMFairlawn, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFJ 97.7 FMFredicksburg, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFT 107.1 FMHarrisonburg, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFT 103.9 FMLuray, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 107.1 FMMartinsville, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 97.7 FMPulaski, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 100.1 FMRadford, VASaturday
VirginiaWGTH 1055 AMRichlands, VA9:15 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 97.7 FMRoanoke, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaKEAR 91.9 FMRoanoke, VA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 97.7 FMSalem, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWCCA 93.5 FMScottsville, VA10:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFT 101.5 FMWaynesboro, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 92.7 FMWestover Hills, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWYFT 101.3 FMWinchester, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWTRM 91.3 FM (SCA)Winchester, VA2:15 PM ESTMonday
VirginiaKEAR 91.9 FMWinchester, VA9:30 AM ESTSaturday
VirginiaWHPE 92.7 FMWytheville, VA9:45 AM ESTSaturday
WashingtonKGTS 91.3 FM (SCA)College Place, WA12:15 PM PSTMonday
WashingtonKARR 1460 AMKirkland, WA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKJVH 89.5 FMLongview, WA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKEAR 90.1 FMOlympia, WA8:30 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKOLU 90.1 FMPasco, WA9:35 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKWFJ 89.7 FMRoy, WA6:45 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKWFJ 89.7 FMRoy, WA9:30 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKAYB 88.1 FMSunnyside, WA5:00 AM PSTSaturday
WashingtonKOLU 4921 AMPasco, WA9:30 AM PSTSaturday
West VirginiaWBHZ 91.9 FMElkins, WV8:00 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinBBN 89.7 FMFairmont, WV9:45 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWRLB 95.3 FMLewisburg, WV8:30 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWMON 1340 AMMontgomery, WV7:00 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWHPE 96.7 FMPrinceton, WV9:45 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWJYP 1300 AM 100.9 FMSaint Albans, WV7:00 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWSCW 1410 AMSouth Charleston, WV7:00 AM ESTSaturday
WisconsinWVCF 90.5 FMEau Claire, , WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinKEAR 89.1 FMEau Claire, WI8:30 AM CSTSaturday
WisconsinWJTY 88.1 FMLancaster, WI10:30 AM CSTSaturday
WisconsinWNWC 1190 AMMadison, WI2:15 PM CSTMonday
WisconsinWVCY 107.7 FMMilwaukee, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWMWK 88.1 FMMilwaukee, WI8:30 AM CSTSaturday
WisconsinKVCX 90.1 FMMonroe, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVCY 690 AMOshkosh, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVCY 94.9 FMSheboygan, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWRVM 102.7 FM (SCA)Suring, WI2:15 PM CSTMonday
WisconsinWVCX 98.9 FMTomah, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVCF 90.5 FMEau Claire, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWEGZ 105.9 FMWashburn, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVFL 89.9 FMFond du Lac, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVRN 88.9 FMWittenberg, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVCX 92.1 FMRipon, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WisconsinWVCX 91.1 FMMcFarland, WI3:15 PM CSTSunday
WyomingKEAR 91.7 FMCasper, WY9:30 AM MSTSaturday
WyomingKEAR 90.7 FMCheyenne, WY9:30 AM MSTSaturday
WyomingKAXG 89.7 FMGillette, WY6:00 AM MSTSaturday
WyomingBBN 90.9 FMLaramie, WY7:45 AM MSTSaturday