How Patch became a pirate

How Patch Became a Pirate

Every young boy dreams of becoming a cowboy, or a fireman, or maybe even a pirate — and Ron Hamilton did, too. He dreamed of having a nickname that sounded dangerous and exciting—something like Buffalo Bill or Long John Silver.

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Ron Hamilton / Patch the Pirate

When he was 27 years old, the eye doctor discovered something in his left eye. Little did Ron realize that the doctor’s discovery was the beginning of his childhood dream coming true. After several weeks of testing, he was rolled into the operating room, not knowing what the final outcome would be.

As he slowly regained consciousness after surgery, Ron discovered that his left eye was gone. In spite of his disappointment, his heart rejoiced! God had promised that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28. Ron knew that because he had trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior, this wonderful promise applied to him.

The doctor gave him his first eye patch, and suddenly he was a pirate! Kids especially were fascinated by the pirate patch. Everywhere he went, children would call out to their embarrassed mothers, “Look, Mom! There goes a pirate!” Then the children in his church gave him a nickname that stuck—Patch the Pirate.

“Patch” lost his eye to cancer, but God had transformed his loss into a great blessing. He allowed a little suffering to come into Ron’s life to draw him closer to Himself. God has graciously given Patch and his family an exciting music ministry to families around the world through the Patch the Pirate Story and Song Adventures.

In 2014, after writing and producing 33 Patch the Pirate adventures, Patch enlisted his daughter, Megan (Princess Pirate), and her soon-to-be husband, Adam Morgan (Commodore), to write the new adventure. Since then, Adam and Megan have continued producing a Patch the Pirate adventure each year. God graciously continues to bless the ministry into the next generation, and the crew of the Jolly Roger continues to sail for the glory of the Lord!

Ron Patch Hamilton
Ron Hamilton / Patch the Pirate

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